Replacing your flooring can be quite a big project, but it definitely is something you as a homeowner can do on your own. Whether your purpose is to replace worn-out flooring or if you have gotten tired of your current flooring, you usually will have an opportunity to pick out a new flooring material.

Linoleum is a very nice material for several reasons.

It can be made from recycled materials such as cork dust or sawdust mixed with pine resin and linseed oil. This means that linoleum flooring is a choice that is good for the environment.

Linoleum flooring doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to look good, and it is fairly low-cost when compared with other options for flooring materials.

Of course, it’s not only positives when it comes to linoleum flooring. The material is quite easily damaged by acidic or alkaline chemicals. This is why regular cleaning of a linoleum floor preferably is done just using a broom or vacuum cleaner.