When you have a garbage disposal installed in your home, you probably enjoy the convenience that it provides. For some homeowners, this convenience could turn into a nightmare with terrible smells escaping from their kitchen. What is the cause? Organic matter that had gotten stuck in the blades of the garbage disposal starting to rot. This problem is all too common when a garbage disposal isn’t cared for properly. So what should you do to keep your garbage disposal from becoming a biohazard?

First, don’t turn your water off right away when using the garbage disposal. Letting it run for a while will rinse off fingers and other things that could collect. If you suspect something is stuck, running some ice through will not hurt the blades but help clean them instead. It might sound terrible, but since the ice will crush easily, it is perfectly safe.

You should also avoid vegetables that tend to break apart into fibers that can get wrapped around the gears.