Do you have a carpenter ant problem? If you do, time is of the essence. Your home is in danger of actually being eaten alive by these hungry wood eaters.

The first thing you should do is determine whether its a termite infestation or an ant infestation. One of the telltale signs is the appearance of frass, basically a pile of light wood shavings that ants leave behind when burrowing through the wood. If you find the pile, then you definitely have a carpenter ant problem.

But to combat them, though, what can you do? If you want the entire population gone within a matter of days, you can use the toxic bait method. Basically, the worker ants will get to the bait, bring what they can back to the nest as food, and in a day or so, the entire colony would be poisoned. Within three days, the entire population would die. Another method you could try is carpenter ant dust. This scenario will only work if you’ve discovered where the actual nest is located. You’ll simply sprinkle a special powder all over the nest, and surrounding ant colony, and it will kill off the colony, so all you would need to do after that is clean up with a vacuum.

Of course, the easiest and probably most efficient thing to do is to call a professional exterminator. These pros know exactly what to look for, how to destroy the colony without putting you or your family in harm’s way, and can do it efficiently. So with all this in mind, the choice is yours in how to deal with the pesky carpenter ants in your home.