The amount of water that comes out of your faucet when you open up the valve depends greatly on the pressure in your water pipes. The water coming from your faucet is measured by its flow rate. A normal flow rate is around 1 gallon per minute. Of course, most homeowners don’t know how to measure their flow rate, but it is actually really simple.

All you need to perform a test is a measuring cup and a timer. If you have a quart and time how long it takes to fill it up, this would help you figure out how much water flows every minute. If it isn’t about 1 gallon per minute, give or take 50%, Then it is outside of the norm. To save water, you could install aerators on faucets in your home which will give higher pressure with a lower amount of water. To protect your pipes, you might also need to install a pressure regulator that will prevent the pipes from being damaged by over-pressure.