Homes that use forced air for their heating and cooling have ducts running throughout the structure. These vents are essential for the efficient operation of an HVAC system, but over time debris and dust can build up inside of the vents and prevent airflow as well as lower air quality in the home.
To fix this problem, you can hire a professional duct cleaning service. It is a fairly simple procedure if you have the correct tools. Most commonly they will have a van or larger vehicle with a very powerful vacuum mounted inside of it. This is then connected to your duct system’s vents one at a time while the other vents are covered. The powerful suction that is caused will clear out your ducts very well, especially in combination with the tools and chemicals they use to loosen up and dislodge anything inside of the ducts.
You will notice that your system is much more efficient after they are done, and you will most likely feel like the air in your home is much fresher than before.