Most of us have probably used hand sanitizer at one time or another, and it was one of the first things that started selling out in stores around the country when the COVID-19 pandemic started. What is the benefit of using hand sanitizer? Well, for one thing, you can effectively kill the coronavirus using hand sanitizer, as long as it has at least 60% alcohol and it is used properly. However, there are some shortcomings of hand sanitizer that are important to understand. While hand sanitizer is very effective in killing the virus, you will note that most bottles will tell you that they are 99.9% effective or something similar. Unlike a proper hand wash, hand sanitizer doesn’t remove the virus from your hands, it just kills is. A hand wash has a two-pronged attack against viruses and bacteria by both killing and detaching them from your skin. This is why hand sanitizer is a good backup, but not a valid replacement for hand washing.