Do you enjoy taking care of your lawn? Some see it as relaxing work, while other view it as a burdensome chore. There could be some added incentive for you to take good care of your lawn, however. Depending on the county where you live, there could be legislation that regulates when you need to cut your lawn.

Usually, there will be a set number of inches that your lawn can grow before you receive a notice. The reason why such regulation exists is that an uncut lawn is an eyesore, but more importantly, it is also an ideal breeding ground for pests, both insects and rodents, leading to trouble not only for you, but also for your neighbors.

Keeping a regular schedule for cutting your lawn is not a very complicated thing to do, and it will definitely improve your relationship with your neighbors.

You should, however, not cut your lawn too short. While it might be tempting to cut it really short to make it longer between cuts, a lawn that is repeatedly cut too short will take damage.