How do you get into your attic? In many homes, this is accomplished by using a pull-down ladder. While these are very convenient, and eliminate the need of a stairway which will give you less living space in your home, they do come with many risks. Why is that? Often. pull-down attic ladders are installed by the homeowner, leading to an unsafe situation.

Some common mistakes done in installation are the use of improper fasteners, insufficient fasteners, fasteners put in the wrong location, damage done to the structure of the house, cutting the ladder too long or too short or not securing the ladder frame well to the ceiling opening.

All of these issues could lead to personal injury if the ladder were to fail when being used. In most cases, it’s better to have these ladders installed professionally to avoid danger. Even when a ladder is installed correctly, it is not wise to use it while carrying heavy objects. If you need to move something heavy into your attic, it’s better to take several trips or find an alternate storage location.