Being able to work out in your home is a great convenience, which is why many have chosen to have an exercise room, or even a small gym in their home. This convenience does come with a danger, however. Why is that? Gym equipment used improperly can injure a person, especially a child, and dumbells or similar items left out can easily become a trip hazard.

To avoid this, you should make sure to put away any equipment you have used in its proper place after you are done with it. You also shouldn’t allow your children to use the equipment unsupervised. There should be shut-off switches for the equipment to make sure that a young child couldn’t turn it on by mistake if they somehow make it into your exercise room. For your safety, you should also have a dead-man’s switch on your equipment to make it stop running if you were to fall off of it or have a medical emergency. That way you will not be damaged by a treadmill that won’t stop running or something similar.