Have you ever thought of going with a metal roof? You might have a few concerns, and usually the main one is noise. We’ve all heard rain falling down on a metal roof, or even worse, hail. You can probably imagine the noise that would generate inside of your home if you had a metal roof, but the truth is, as long as the roofing material has solid sheathing, you won’t notice rain and hail any more than you would with a different roofing material.

Metal roofing also isn’t affected by insects or woodpeckers attacking it, and if there is ever a wildfire near where you live, you would not need to worry about embers landing on your roof.

The main downsides with metal roofing is that it can dent and rust. To avoid those 2 dangers, you should make sure that you don’t have any trees with branches that extend over your roof, since they are most likely to be the reason for the damage in both cases.