When you have ants in your home, you usually notice fairly quickly since they don’t tend to hide. Fortunately, most types of ants do not damage your home. However, there are some that could chew on things that could be a problem, such as your wiring.

Even though they aren’t usually a risk for damaging your home, you probably don’t appreciate having ants walking through your living space.

You should avoid attracting ants by being careful not to leave open containers with sweet things around. This means that you should rinse out your soda cans for recycling, or at least have them in a sealed bag. You should also clean up spills of soda, sugar, honey or anything similar.

You can also use ant bait which the worker ants will bring back home to their nest, hopefully eliminating the problem at the source. You can also find the trail of ants and follow it back to the nest and take care of it yourself.