How do you sell a home during the current crisis? Would a buyer even be able to tour the home? Will my home lose value and leave me with a lot less money in a sale if I wait? All these questions do not have straight answers, but it is possible to have positive results selling a home despite the current crisis. It is important that you take full advantage of the tools offered in this modern age.

By creating a virtual tour of your home, a buyer could walk through your home anytime he feels like it. He can even share it with family and friends.

Don’t forget that the currently low federal interest rate, mortgages have also dropped low, making it very appealing to purchase a new home. While the current market isn’t ideal, it is not impossible for you to get a good deal, and even if the market does take a plunge before you get your home sold, that doesn’t mean that it will never make it back up again.