Solar energy is certainly a huge help to those who can afford it, and is great in the way of energy conservation. While the positive influence of solar energy is widely known for the most part, the disadvantages aren’t known until after the solar grid is installed in one’s home. Here are a couple cons to having solar energy in your home.

For example, solar energy in order to be effective has to have a constant flow of sun absorption into the panels. However, there is almost never a steady stream of sun due to cloud coverage, the location where you live, weather patterns, etc. Say for instance you have solar panels in your yard for your home, but for a whole week straight there is not one time the sun came out of the clouds. You would be running your house off of the battery power, and that can get expensive really quick. If you do have panels in your yard for your own energy, always make sure to have a backup source of power handy.

One of the more important things to consider however is the fact that in order to have enough energy to power your house for example, you would have to have a large number of solar arrays setup in order to compensate for the amount of light that actually gets turned into useful energy. By the time you do the calculations, it would end up being cheaper to buy sources of energy from conventional means instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to install these arrays to produce the energy needed. These are just a few things to keep in mind while deciding if you want to go environmental friendly, or stick with the energy source you have now.