SO… Do you have an ant problem? Well if you’ve tried some ideas of your own, here are just a few simple tips you can use to try and rid of an ant infestation into your home.

First off, you need to find where the ant colony is hole up. Once you find that location, you can use certain pesticides in order to completely wipe out the colony. Or, you can use a bait trap. Basically, you can use something like peanut butter or something sweet to attract them. Try laying some peanut butter with borax mixed into it on cardboard, and then give it some time to take effect.

Another easy thing to do would be to lay commercial ant traps. Basically, these traps will bait the entire colony into it, and kill all of them over a short period of time. Also, getting a professional exterminator to take care of business is another viable option, however, prices can vary, and can be quite expensive. Probably the easiest thing that you can do is to just vacuum up all of the visible ants. Usually what happens is a ‘scout’ will come in searching for shelter and food, and as that scout continues on throughout your house it leaves a pheromone trail for the colony to follow. Usually, the colony will follow in a long, single file. So if you do just happen to see this large single file, you can easily vacuum them up without much resistance, then dump the vacuum cleaner outside.

While these things may sound simple, it takes a lot of patience and time. But, if you are patient, time will be the victor, and you will not have as big of an ant problem as you once had.