Well and Septic Inspections

Wells and septic systems are a vital part of sustaining a healthy and care-free life style in a home. When functioning properly, few people even think about those systems. But when one of those systems fail, the cost to repair or replace is significant. And the time without those systems can be quite a hardship and inconvenience.

Prior to purchasing a home, the Well and Septic systems should be inspected and the water tested at the lab. In most cases, the seller will take care of those inspections but it is up to you to make sure that the seller uses an inspector who is properly trained and qualified. Most sellers will agree to let you have your home inspector conduct the well & Septic Inspection since that makes it easier for them.

Most home inspectors are not qualified for Well & Septic Inspection since it is a separate specialty which requires additional training outside the scope of the normal Home Inspection.

Harold Van Dyk of HJ Home Inspections in Grand Rapids, MI has received that training through Michigan State University and has been conducting Well and Septic Inspections since 2009.

Do not depend on the seller to properly take care of this most important inspection since failures and repairs are very expensive.

Protect yourself and insist that HJ Home Inspections conduct the Well and Septic Inspections.