In the cold months of the year, it does happen that pipes freeze. This is very unfortunate, but it is not necessarily a terrible thing. It is possible to thaw out your pipes safely, but you need to be careful since thawing them incorrectly could do more damage than the cold weather.

You should avoid using a blowtorch or something similar to thaw the pipes out. While this might seem like a quick way to thaw the pipes, you are much more likely to damage it. Even if the pipe is made out of metal, heating it up too quickly like that could cause it to crack. There are slower, safer alternatives, such as using a hair dryer or a heat gun to slowly bring the temperature up. It is a good idea to have the faucets in your home open so that there is less pressure in the pipe while you’re working on it. This will let you know when you have successfully melted the frozen water as well.